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Technology at Your Fingertips

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Small and medium business owners have a unique challenge, run at the pace of a large organization but with fewer resources and the need to scale at a moment's notice.  Maintaining technology is not at the core of your value proposition to your customers, but it is all

we do for our clients.

We have assembled leading technologies from enterprise technology vendors, aggregated them into a cloud based solution for our clients and offer them in a subscription based model.  You pay for what you need and have the ability to grow immediately as your company expands.

Fully managed network, Wi-Fi, security, phone system, web meetings, video and internet for small to medium business provided as a per employee / per month fee subscription

No large up-front investment

Scales easily starting from a few as 15  employees

Cloud based and managed

Integrated Voice, Video and Collaboration

Technology allowing your employees to move at the pace of tomorrow


Based only on the best performing technologies in the industry, digital ready office supports the most innovative needs

Online Support

We provide 24x7 support because we understand your business does not operate from nine to five


Your company assets and IP are worth protecting and our solution provides best-in-class network security


Tell Us about Your Needs

tell us a little about your requirements

Right Sized for the branch office or SMB

Great technology simplified by the cloud

We have selected technologies that are robust enough that you will not outgrow them as you scale, but not so complex that you need an army of technicians and endless checkbook to support.

Scales easily as your requirements grow

Start with something as simple as a network and phone service then add components as your needs change.  Our solution supports web conferencing, video conferencing, servers, storage, web development, application development and more...think of us a platform on which you can layer new technologies as the need arises

Zero disruption to your business

We per-configure the entire solution prior to deployment and perform any on-site work after hours so your productivity is never impacted.  Your existing applications like email are never impacted, we make the transition transparent to your team and provide any necessary training as required.


The Technical Details

The n2grate Digital Ready Office provides organizations with the foundational technology to maximize the digital office experience.  The digital office experience enables employees to connect to a secure and reliable network without a significant investment in resources.  The Digital Ready Office model is simple: provide n2grate with your employee count, office square footage, and technologies need - n2grate provides a reference design with a monthly per user cost

The wired and wireless network is critical for your employees to connect to both internal and external resources.  For this reason, the Digital Ready Office includes both wired and wireless access for employees and guests.  As part of the implementation, n2grate will work closely with your organization to ensure employees are securely authenticated to the network.  This approach ensures only authorized users gain access to your network and resources.  Of course,  all wireless traffic is encrypted adding additional layer of protection and security.

In addition, n2grate will implement a guest access strategy leveraging either Facebook check-in or via a custom splash page.  Guest access provides your partners and customers the ability to have internet access without compromising the security posture of your organization.

Prior to recommending a Cloud Collaboration partner, n2grate works closely with you to determine how your employees collaborate internally and with your partners and customers.  Collaboration tools can simply provide basic dial-tone or a new framework to enhance both internal and external collaboration with the addition of video and team messaging applications.  n2grate will help you identify the best cloud collaboration solution ensuring the right tools are available and adopted.   

As part of the deployment, the n2grate team will follow best practices to protect your employees and data.  Additionally, n2grate provides the option to enhance network security beyond a firewall with the addition of Intrusion Prevention, Content Filtering, Anti-Virus & Anti-Phishing, and Country Blacklisting.  Finally, n2grate can assist with physical security with the deployment of video surveillance cameras.

In summary, the Digital Ready Office provides the platform for your employees to connect and collaborate.  To maximize your firms' time and productivity, n2grate can provide ongoing management and support for the Digital Ready Office.  In this scenario, n2grate will proactively monitor your Digital Ready Office to resolve issues on your behalf. 

And it All Lives in the Cloud
managed by us...visible by you
The Details

We've Come a Long Way

Washington Area's Fastest Growing Technology Company

We like to have our results speak for themselves and the market has recognized n2grate as the fastest growing technology company in the DMV.

#1Fastest Growing

#35 INC. 5000

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